Gnome-console what command actually runs it?

This might sound like an incredibly stupid question, but I have now been searching for a few hours and can’t find the answer.

I like the new terminal emulator that has been implemented in gnome. It‘s called console in the menu and gnome-console in the about, and software center.
If I‘m running

which console


which gnome-console

Neither is providing me with the proper path to the application. I‘m at my Latin’s end on how to find this.

Running the find command didn’t provide any actionable results either.

Can somebody perhaps point me in the right direction? Just for the sake of completeness, yes the application is installed, and can be launched from the menu. I just would like to be able to call the application also via, which does require to know the path.

pacman -Fl gnome-console


(why the naming convention like that … I dunno)

I believe the original name was “King’s Cross” and in short kgx .

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Thank you very much, also for showing me a way I didn’t know yet, to find this kind of info.

I used the Database (-F) because I dont use gnome or have gnome-console installed.

In your case, for an already installed package, you could use

pacman -Ql gnome-console

Was still something I did learn, so thanks again. On the other hand KGX is a ridiculous way if calling a program, that is officially called gnome-console. They should have kept it kgx then.

This is not uncommon in Gnome. For example, “Files” is actually called nautilus or “Passwords and Secrets” is called seahorse

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