Gnome Chromium/Chrome windows become blank after suspend when using Nvidia graphics

I have a ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 dGPU. When I run the laptop under Nvidia only mode, Chromium, Chrome and Brave all have blank or tearing windows after waking from sleep. I have to exit and relaunch the apps to get them back to normal.

This doesn’t happen in KDE. It seems to be specific to GDM and chromium based apps.


Are you on X11 session or Wayland?
Most known issues and fixes for that Laptop are here:

I use X11. I only see the problem recently when trying out Gnome. On my laptop, the external monitor can only work via Nvidia port, so I have 2 ways, but none of them is perfect.

  • Nvidia only mode: Everything runs well, with exception of this chromium waking from sleep problem.
  • Hybrid mode: The external monitor works via Reverse Prime, but windows flicker when resizing.

I’m experiencing the same issues in Manjaro 20.1 (XFCE) using the nVidia 450 drivers. When recovering from recovering from automatic screen shutdown/session lock, Chromium turns into a garbled mess. Black areas in the window and in the tabs, text smearing, etc. *see attached

I updated from nVidia driver 435 to 450 and that’s when this all started. Had never experienced anything like this before.

Using a desktop computer with an nVidia 1060, so if this is the same issue… it’s not isolated to laptops.

I also got these issues besides blank screen. I read a few Arch Wiki articles and some posts about Nvidia drivers, and tried some tricks but couldn’t fix the problem. Now I’m back to KDE.

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I’m also seeing the visual artifacts in Chromium with linux54-nvidia-450xx. Has anyone found a solution?

Got the same problem on a desktop with 1660 Ti card/XFCE. Starting chromium with


helped, but that’s technically suppose to be default on Linux, so I’m not sure whether this is Chrome issue or new nvidia drivers.

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