Gnome, change theme top bar always floating

I change my theme in Gnome to vimix. the top bar looked normal. When i restarted though it was suddenly floating. It stays floating even if i change to a theme i know doesn’t have floating top bar even if i restart as well.

The top bar is dependent on the GNOME Shell theme, not the GTK theme. In Tweaks > Appearance, what Shell theme are you using?

By the way, Vimix does not have a floating top bar.


Yeah im using vimix as shell, and i guessed that vimix didn’t have floating either. I don’t know where it comes form since i dont have any theme with a floating top bar

Maybe an installed extension? What’s the output of:

gnome-extensions list --enabled
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Just thought i should mention problems persist if i deactivate extensions

Please paste the output here, not a screenshot.

When pasting terminal output, highlight it and use the Preformatted text </> button, not the Quote " button.

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Please edit your post accordingly.

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Sorry relatively new, it is fixed now

No, it’s not. :wink: Read the instructions again.

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Damn, i’m sorry, jinxing it by saying that it should be fixed

You got it now. :+1:

As you discovered, none of those extensions would make a difference. Perhaps you have a CSS file somewhere overriding the shell theme. What did you do / install right before you noticed it other than installing Vimix? Does it still occur choosing the Default Shell theme?

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I found it, remembered i installed flat remix theme as well. I don’t know why but it changes to floating bar regardless if the theme is active or not.
Fixed it by uninstalling the theme (AUR)

Thanks a lot for your help, very nice of you.

Ah, that actually makes sense. Flat Remix is a bit of a mess. Glad you got it sorted.

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