Gnome: cant set display to 4k@60Hz

I am running 5.15.78-1-MANJARO with GNOME 43. I have my main monitor (4k) connected via display port to my AMD RX 6900 XT.
My second monitor (full-hd) is connected to the graphics card via HDMI, as it has only a VGA port and a HDMI port.
My graphics card only has one HDMI port so I cant connect both monitors via HDMI.

So now to my problem:

I can’t run my main monitor at 4k with a refreshing rate of 60Hz, I can only select 30…
When I set the resolution to full-hd I can choose 60Hz as my refreshing rate.
It has to be possible to run 4k@60Hz with display port, because it runs in Windows 10 perfectly fine.
Do I need any special drivers or so for display port/my graphics card? It is AMD so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Output of xrandr:

  Screen 0: minimum 16 x 16, current 4480 x 1440, maximum 32767 x 32767
  XWAYLAND0 connected primary 2560x1440+1920+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 620mm x 340mm
     2560x1440     29.94*+
     1920x1440     29.95 
     1600x1200     29.95 
     1440x1080     29.86 
     1400x1050     29.98 
     1280x1024     29.90 
     1280x960      29.82 
     1152x864      29.92 
     1024x768      29.89 
     800x600       29.55 
     640x480       29.85 
     320x240       27.50 
     1920x1200     29.95 
     1680x1050     29.95 
     1440x900      29.91 
     1280x800      29.83 
     720x480       29.25 
     640x400       29.58 
     320x200       26.53 
     2048x1152     29.94 
     1920x1080     29.95 
     1600x900      29.92 
     1368x768      29.94 
     1280x720      29.93 
     1024x576      29.84 
     864x486       29.50 
     720x400       29.51 
     640x350       29.03 
  XWAYLAND1 connected 1920x1080+0+210 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 530mm x 300mm
     1920x1080     59.96*+
     1440x1080     59.99 
     1400x1050     59.98 
     1280x1024     59.89 
     1280x960      59.94 
     1152x864      59.96 
     1024x768      59.92 
     800x600       59.86 
     640x480       59.38 
     320x240       59.52 
     1680x1050     59.95 
     1440x900      59.89 
     1280x800      59.81 
     720x480       59.71 
     640x400       59.95 
     320x200       58.96 
     1600x900      59.95 
     1368x768      59.88 
     1280x720      59.86 
     1024x576      59.90 
     864x486       59.92 
     720x400       59.55 
     640x350       59.77

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Please check the version of your display port cable.

There are limitations for each version.

As I said on Windows 10 it work on 4k@60Hz, so there won’t be a problem with the display port version

Did you try xwayland (xorg) instead of pure wayland?

I said that not out of nowhere.

Windows use compression / chroma subsampling on a lower version cable, while linux seems to sent signals always uncompressed, what results in lower resolutions/refresh rate.

That is the reason why I mention the cable version number.