Gnome-calendar in majaro-i3

I am trying to get to work Gnome-calenda on manjaro-i3. I installed gnome-calendar, gnome-control-center and gnome-online-accounts, but I am not being able to open “online-accounts” in gnome calendar, so I will be able to configure the accounts.
anybody with experience on this? Or maybe a good alternative to sync severals online calendars?
thanks for your time.

If you happen to use Thunderbird, the use of Online Calendars is possible.

However, I’m uncertain whether that also applies to multiple calendars. It might be worth searching available Thunderbird extensions, to find something useful.


Thanks! Actually I was looking an app to sync several calendars because I only read mail via web, so I would like to avoid e-mail clients.

If you’re going to install all those packages, you might as well be using GNOME.

…or perhaps create an i3 / GNOME hybrid like this:

Now, if you mentioned that from the onset, it would help narrow down responses. Cheers.

The issue I have using GNOME is that I dont have enough hardware support, and i3 is my choice because I need a light system.

Xfce is typically lighter than Gnome, and if Wayland is an option for you, that combination might be worth some consideration. That is, unless anyone can show reason to the contrary (in particular regarding Wayland support) as I haven’t used Xfce in a while.