Gnome apps blank buttons in XFCE

I have the following problem. I use XFCE.
Some apps have blank buttons at startup.

The first-one is pamac-manager.

The labels appear when I go over the buttons with the mouse.

Gnome applications (e.g. gnome-calculator) have the same problem.
If I change the application, the buttons will again be blank when I return to the gnome app.

Thanks in advance

The following actions do not solve the problem

mv .config/dconf/user .config/dconf/user.bak
sudo rm -Rf .cache

I would try a different theme. No issue here with matcha-sea.

Why are you installing Libadwaita applications designed for GNOME on Xfce?

Our Xfce edition comes with pamac-gtk3 and galculator for a reason.

It may now, on machines with older installs pamac-gtk3 still has to be installed by hand. Update announcements for stable 2023-07-10:

pamac-gtk 11.0.1 uses Gtk 4 that is not supported by Xfce
user can replace pamac-gtk with pamac-gtk3

Ah, good point about older existing installs. Well, now you know what to install and what to remove. :wink:

There are menu problems. Some wrong display of gnome-calculator depends on nvidia 470 (I have an old nvidia card, GT640). The system has other problem to display the labels with other application (ArubaSign, a software that signs PDFs’).

ArubaSign works with KDE on Wayland. I tested it with Gnome on X11 and Gnome on Wayland. The problem is X11 in this case (or the couple X11 and nvidia GT640)… It works using my laptop (video card intes + nvidia quadra) with Xfce/X11.

Resolved in X11 by disabling graphical acceleration (using nvidia 470 drivers)

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