GNOME Application Launcher not working

I'm facing an issue with the Gnome application launcher after my update to version 20.0.1, kernel: 5.4.40-1-MANJARO
The launcher does not display any apps(even when i search for it), but when I search for a directory/file it works.
Also the launcher crashes when I click on to the Frequent button
This is how it looks when I click the Show Applications button:

I even checked the forum for the same and even tried to execute the solution but it didn't worked for me. My all Gnome extensions are updated and one of them, Appfolders Management extension (Link to the extension) shows an error when I turn it on.

Any help will be appreciated


get rid off that appfolder extension, Gnome does it by default now.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
I just uninstalled the extension and rebooted the system but the issue still persists. :thinking:

Do you have extension folder in /home/NAME/.local/share/gnome-shell
If yes delete it and reboot. If it will not help you can try reset gnome settings by deleting /home/NAME/.config/dconf/user

I did them both, neither of them worked :disappointed_relieved:

Also I noticed 3-4 times that when I delete Appfolder Management extension, it comes back when I reboot my system(it comes back in the GNOME EXTENSIONS webpage under installed extensions section but it does not appear in the extensions application installed in the system).

Thanks a lot! This solution worked great!
The mistake I was that, I didn't completely uninstalled the Appfolder Management Extension, I also had to uninstall it from my package manager.

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