Gnome 44.1 Issue with Maximize, Minimize and Close button on Full Screen

Hello Everyone! Greetings!
I apologize if I made a mistake by posting here, This is my first post here, let me know if I need to follow a certain rule before posting any issue.

I am using the Unstable GNOME at the moment.
My specs are-
Manjaro Linux GNOME
Linux 6.4.0-1-MANJARO
16 GB RAM with 20 GB SWAP
AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700G with Radeon™ Graphics × 16
GNOME 44.1
OS Build ID: Rolling


IMPORTANT: I am only observing this issue while using Firefox, MIcrosoft Edge, Skype but if I open Text Edit- G EDIT, Terminal or Resource monitor- on full screen mode, I am not observing any issues at all. The Minimize , Restore and Close button issue- seems to be a problem with specific applications.

[Editing] Another Update-
even if the window is restored [not being maximized] and if I drag it beyond the BLUE Border line as listed in the screenshot below- the button will stop working.
According to the screenshot below- if I move the window to the left hand side- the restore and X will start working as it comes within the Blue Border line-

At the same time- it is so weird that the Taskbar Buttons at the very top right hand side work.
its just the minimize restore and X that fail to work - and only few selective applications are affected - not all.


As per the screenshot above, if I click on the Items marked in Red- there will no effect. Not even the MOUSE HOVER effect will appear, but if I move the mouse way up to the top- on the items marked in Blue- then these buttons are always active, clickable and I see the hover effect as well.

There is no need to apologize. Anyways getting to your issue, I am sure it’s called unstable for a reason

Have you tried logging in with xorg instead of wayland to see if the issue is still there.

Hello Straycat, I shall surely sign into Xorg now- I think I missed that step - Im very new to Linux now- I think I have to sign out and then - select Xorg- after replacing wayland with Xorg.

Lets see if I face this issue there. Thanks for all the help-.
I will keep you posted.


Now, has that error already been fixed or not?
I didn’t see the solution for those issues.

It is not fixed, I guess. When it happens, I logout and re-login and it disappears.

i have same issue here, but im not using unstable, is anyone have the solutions?