Gnome 43 evolution no tray icon wayland

Gnome 43.2
there is no tray icon in evolution when I use wayland

I’ve just installed this package from the AUR on a stable gnome VM and I have a tray icon in X and wayland. Are you using another or manual plugin?

No istalled the evolution-on-appindicator however, it still works on xorg

Evolution does not have a tray icon. Why would you expect there to be?

If you installed evolution-on-appindicator from the AUR, it should be working in both a Xorg or Wayland session. You’ll also need the Appindicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support GNOME Shell Extension (gnome-shell-extension-appindicator) installed as well.

Please see:

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You can see on the screenshot that the evolution-on-appindicator is not installed, but there is a tray icon under x11.
You can see that the Appindicator ans KStatusNotifiterItem plugin is enabled. From this I thought that there should also be a tray icon under wayland

In your screenshot, evolution-on is installed:

❯ pacman -Si evolution-on | grep Description
Description     : Tray plugin for the Evolution email client