Gnome 43 :custom Alert sounds?

I find myself rather disappointed with the new Gnome 43 Alert sounds.

IS there a way I can replace them with the old sounds, or something else?

Sounds are in /usr/share/sounds and depending if you want to create your own “theme” you can make use of ~/.local/share/sounds and then is up to you what sounds you use for each alert, so you can create a Custom theme and then select it from Tweaks.
By default on Gnome are taken from /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/ but you can get inspired by the way the freedesktop one is made.

Out of curiosity i was taking a look and … surprise. Gnome Settings creates a ~/.local/share/sounds/__custom/ folder with the “theme” for the alerts and each time you open Settings it overwrites whatever is there. I created a different_custom theme, selected from Tweaks and is total bonkers. Alerts are still the default from gnome, and opening again Tweaks after testing Sound in Settings, it shows is back to the __custom one … Will investigate more about this.

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Thanks. @bogdancovaciu

I created ~/.local/share/sounds/rico & placed some alert sounds in there, (a duplicate of the gnome/default/alerts) but Tweaks >appearance > sounds doesn’t show any new options. (default, custom)
But Ill keep experimenting