Gnome 40 Themes

Hello All, I am wondering which themes people are using since the Gnome 40 (G40) upgrade. I mentioned in a previous post that I disabled extensions until the 40 upgrade as I was experiencing some screen freezing. Under the hood I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G/Picasso using the amdgpu driver. I am using the 5.10.49-1-MANJARO kernel. I thought that until the transition ends and I could turn extensions back on.

After the update I have not turned extensions back on. I don’t mind vanilla Gnome, so when my old Gruvbox Material Dark theme would not render in G40, I had to find a replacement that worked.

(extensions were on in this shot)

As I have no shell theme installed with extensions off, I chose Kripton as my new theme for apps. It works well under G40, the developer isn’t sure about its compatibility with the G40 shell but I don’t mind as all my extensions are off.

However it is a somewhat acceptable replacement for my beloved Gruvbox Material Dark. :smirk:

I share all that to ask, which themes (including shell themes) are you using in G40? :nerd_face: