GNOME 40 release date

What time gnome 40 release for manjaro (stable) ?
I have some problems with gnome 40 apps because gnome shell not 40 but apps in 40 some apps not working like gnome weather.

Hi, please do a forum search. It has already been covered in several other threads.

But i can not find.
if you find please share link with me

Just by searching “gnome 40 release” in this forum…

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Thanks !

You know as well as I do, the average forum user doesn’t want to do the work of searching when they can be spoon-fed the answers.


Where is gnome 40 ?
most of rolling linux distros have gnome 40.
but manjaro not have.
only reason i can find WHY manjaro not updated gnome to 40 is some extensions not support gnome 40.
but many extensions now support gnome 40 (like dash to panel,dash to dock)
so WHY ?