Gnome 3.38 and Citrix


yesterday evening (05/11/2020) I updated Gnome from 3.36 to 3.38. (The update-manager (pamac) suggested it.)

Today (in the morning) I wanted to connect to my work via citrix (I am working from home and have to use citrix). Yesterday there were no problems, but today it did not work.

First I thought Citrix is the problem (I use icaclient 20.10-3). I reinstalled and even downgraded, but with no success.

Finally I downgraded one gnome package back to 3.36.6-1 and then citrix worked again. The package I downgraded is (I use the german localization): Erweiterungen (gnome-shell)1:3.38.1-1 (to version 1:3:36.6-1; the english name of the package might be “extensions (gnome-shell)”).

Is it a bug? Or are there any suggestions for getting Citrix work with version 3.38 (because the updatemanager wants to update again to version 3.38).

Just an idea in which direction the troubleshooting could go:

  • do you use Xorg or Wayland (maybe you use Wayland and it doesn’t work because of that)
  • since icaclient is from the AUR, problems may occur during updates

Maybe take a look here:

Thank you for your reply.

The command “loginctl show-session 3 -p Type” says “Type=x11”.

icaclient seems to be OK, because it is running like a charm with Gnome-Shell 3.36…

To check this, I installed XFCE parallel to Gnome. In XFCE Citrix makes no problems either. Then I updated Gnome-Shell again to version 3.38. Then I have got the same problem again. Citrix does not work… It seems, that Citrix establishes the connection (Citrix Connection Center shows the connection) but it cannot show something on the display. When I start Citrix (by clicking the link) the display gets black for one second and then it shows me my desktop again (with the applications that were running).

So, to get Citrix back to work again, I downgraded it again (via “downgrade gnome-shell”).

It might worth a shot trying it also on wayland. Some things work better there, somethings not.

Uhh, how do I do that? What has to be installed?

Nothing needs to be installed, just flick a switch in gnome-layout-switcher and reboot

OK, that switch was greyed-out.
I had to remove the proprietary nvidia driver and then I could turn on wayland. And that did the trick. Citrix is now running with gnome-shell 3.38…

Thank you very much.

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