Gmic-qt Krita crashes

Hello, im new on this forum, i just discover Manjaro (xfce) and i love the interface, but i have a problem. I use Krita for drawing, but now when i use Gmic-qt for modify the drawing i have problems, it crashes and krita too :frowning:

Please help, and also, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Same problem here on my Plasma Wayland desktop. My recommendation is to uninstall Krita & Gmic-qt, and then download & run/install the official Krita AppImage (which includes G’Mic) from Krita Desktop | Krita. That is what I just did and I was able to use G’Mic successfully on an image for the first time in ages.

I also linked the Krita AppImage to my local bin directory ($HOME/bin) & renamed the link (not the AppImage) to “krita-app” so that it will be easy to launch Krita (although, after removing the original Krita system installation, I will have to now manually add krita-app to my file associations for images).

Once that is done, you should be able to use Krita & G’Mic successfully. The only thing you have to be aware of is that if the AppImage updates, you have to remember to link the new AppImage to your local bin folder.

Edit Silly me - I just realised that the AppImage can also be installed via the AUR - Pamac shows it as “krita-beta-appimage 5.1.5-1”. It might be easier to do it that way as it looks like the build script will also handle the file associations, symlinks etc.

I can confirm that the Krita 5.1.5 appImage file contains gmic-qt, and is fully functional in KDE (no crashes).

Update (2023-10-08):- Krita 5.1.5-11 combined with Gmic, both available via the standard repositories seem to have no obvious issues on KDE (X11/Wayland).

sudo pacman -Syu krita krita-plugin-gmic


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