GMIC for GIMP on Manjaro

I’m trying to install the GIMP plugin called GMIC on my Manjaro installation of the GIMP unstable developer’s edition (2.99.12). The following link gives command line instructions to do so:

Which basically amounts to executing the following:

sudo pacman -S gimp-plugin-gmic

After completing this step, I restarted GIMP but do not see GMIC listed under ‘Filters’ where it should be found. When I check my folders for GIMP under plugins, the folder is still empty.

Does anybody have experiencing installing this plugin? Appreciate the help.

Is not compatible with the gimp-plugin-gmic from repos, even if you add the path to the plugin folders in gimp developer settings, nor with the gimp-plugin-gmic-git from AUR that is quite outdated really (and will not compile anyway) …

What you need is this version GitHub - c-koi/gmic-qt: G'MIC-Qt is a versatile front-end to the image processing framework G'MIC. to compile it from source, as according to this post Some News About Your Donations

So, instead of gimp-devel you could try the gimp-develop-git that is non conflicting version with another install, use gimp and gimp-plugin-gmic from repository, and play with gmic-qt from source.