G'mic for GIMP on Manjaro

Does anyone knows how to make it work? cause i’ve seen that i’ve already installed it using the program app but it doesn’t appear on my GIMP :S

According to your screenshot, you do not have gimp-plugin-gmic installed. Given the name of that package, one would suspect that installing it would prove beneficial to your situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jejeje…that’s easy! I thought it would be automatic with the main app :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the help :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is an interesting point about knowing what else to install that would be useful. For gimp I have these packages installed.

gimp-help-en          # html manual loca:  online: https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/
gimp-plugin-gmic      # gmic
xsane, xsane-gimp     # scanning: https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/gimp-file-create.html
gutenprint            # https://www.gimp.org/docs/gimp-print/print.html

Sometimes it helps to look at the package, pacman -Qi gimp to see what other packages are available.

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