Gmail error on registration on forum

when i register on forum, mail on gmail not work - letter dont send to my from is not in spam folder. his absent. maybe google ban manjaro forum?
on yandex mail all ok, but i dont want use yandex. what to do to use gmail?

I use Gmail and I re-registered on here yesterday. But might be different as I use G-suite with custom domain. :confused:

maybe. standart system not work on 2 my mailboxes on gmail

I had the same problem yesterday.
Be patient, my registration email took a couple of hours to arrive - no idea why, tough…

ok…but I wait 15+ hours and no letters
upd: 18+ hours

If you are able to login and write this then you must have validated your email.

Gmail can be really picky - and it is highly automated and almost impossible to troubleshoot - I have had issues where gmail users where unable to send email to one of my domains - apparently due to bad dkim on my server - but there was nothing wrong - just gmail complaining.


Or you can just totally miss that new forum was set up and try to login with old user creds. :smile: Not saying that I did that for an hour trying and waiting for reset password mail.

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I used new regisrtation, enter gmail mail and pressed register. forum said me that he write and send letter to me to confirm. but letter is absent. i login with not confirmed account and change in “mail window” mailbox to not google mail and press button to send me confirmation link. so i was registered.

I did an administrative lookup on your IP - could it be your location?

Your country of origin may impose some restrictions or scanning causing intolerable delays.

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ha.when i writed answer to you, mail on google is came to mailbox …18 hours waiting…))))

ok. please close this topic. next time i will be wait 24 hours an then write to support if confirmation is absent

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I used my ‘standard’ gmail account, and it came through in a matter of minutes… so maybe the tubes were just a bit blocked in getting that email to you…

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о_О or me blind or stupy…in last forum i know how mark as solution. in this forum i dont see how it to do

there was no button.(?) has now appeared. marked as solved


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