Global Stuttering in ALL Proton Games w/ Nvidia-Prime GTX 1050 + iGPU on fresh install of multiple distros

So basically, my problem is a crazy stuttering in all proton games. I mean like 2-3 fps if that. I’m running an HP-Pavilion Power with a prime setup Gtx 1050 and internal intel GPU. I’m running latest proprietary but have tried pretty much all NVIDIA drivers down to 360. I’m running with prime-run %command% launch options.

On a clean install of Manjaro Gnome 40, the games work perfectly (my daily driver).

Thought it was sorted and then I ended up trying a few days later and it was back to ground 0.

Interestingly, in latest Ubuntu and in Manjaro KDE w/ fresh installs, the games have the same problem (with proprietary installed.)

The only thing I can think of that I did between it working and not is plugged into an external display. This does have sort of weird behaviour with prime in that second display only has terrible response, but I understood that to be fairly common place w/ this setup.

Something weird with refresh rate? Someone suggested disabling compositing but I thought GNOME handled all this by default (disabling it for fullscreen apps.)

I originally had some luck in Pop! Os when toggling fullscreen which occasionally helped.

Nvidia-SMI confirms the games are offloaded.

DXVK=full shows 100% GPU usage with tons of draw requests (like 3000)

I’m preloading vulkan shaders.

I’ve trolled so many forums trying to find an answer but nothing has helped. Hopefully other people can see this and find a solution!

Intel I5-7th Gen
12GB Ram
480GB Sandisk SSD