Global shortcuts unresponsive after resuming from sleep

Recently I started to experience unresponsive global shortcuts after resuming from sleep.
In particular I use F12 to show/hide yakuake and Meta to show/hide krunner (this one is configured in kwinrc).

After resuming from sleep, if I press one of these buttons the effect is triggered after some time, e.g. 30 seconds. An application like yakuake is responsive, indeed I can open it by clicking on its icon. Sometimes the shortcut is processed after I opened the application with the mouse and so the shortcut hides yakuake.

What should I look for to trying debugging this? (I experience this in two different notebooks).

Hi @simgunz

have you checked KDE Software • KDE Community Forums ? For problems like there it’s usually better to check upstream as it’s most likely not a problem with the manjaro distribution.

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Reported the bug to KDE:

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