Global Shortcut > KWin > Show Desktop Grid > Super + Tab

How do I hardbind Super + Tab to Show Desktop Grid? When I press Tab it cancels out the custom input. I even tried exporting scheme and editing file than importing scheme but that doesn’t work either.

On my system here, Meta+Tab is bound to switching between Activities. Perhaps you should pick another combination?

I have Meta+F11 for the desktop grid here, although to be fair, I never use that shortcut because I normally bring up the desktop grid by hitting the left edge of the screen with the mouse pointer.

I had the same problem, finally I did set meta+g

I did the following (work around):

  1. Open System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects, and search for grid. Desktop Grid was displayed and it is checked.

  2. Click on the Desktop Grid. On the right hand side there are two icons. The last one is the settings for the Desktop Grid. Click Desktop Grid settings.

  3. The Kwin shortcut key is shown (Ctrl+F8). Click to the right of Ctrl+F8 in the Global Alternate column. I see the following:

x Default: None
O Custom: None

Note: Imagine two radio buttons above. Initially Default is selected.

  1. Select the Custom radio button by clicking it.

  2. Click the textbox with the word None in it.

  3. Type Meta Tab, and in my case a popup was displayed asking me to reassign it.

When I go to System Settings > Shortcuts > Global Shortcuts, type kwin, and click on KWin and scroll down to Show Desktop Grid, it shows Meta+Tab, Ctrl+F8. I removed the Meta+Tab and tried to enter the shortcut here. You are right, the Tab key is not accepted as part of the shortcut, but actually acted upon (tabbing to the next control). It’s a known bug.

Bug 423080 - Impossible to use tab as custom shortcut anymore

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

This post reminded me that kde5 doesn’t support different wallpaper on virtual desktops any more :frowning:

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To fix that you can use vallpaper, it’s a desktop type . You can get it from get a new Wallpapper in desktop configuration

That has been relegated to the Activities now. Activities can different wallpapers, as well as different desktop widgets and different privacy settings. :wink:

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