Global scale not working correctly in kde

so I have this single monitor which I connect to my laptop and when I try to set the global scale to 125% in display configuration for my laptop’s screen it automatically sets the same value for my monitor but I want my monitor to stick to 100% cuz its perfectly visible, I only had problems with my laptop’s display scaling cuz it was just too small for me to view anything like generally on gnome it works out of the box for my display arrangement but on kde its causing problems. I want to separately set the global scale value

for my laptop screen to 125% and my monitor to 100%. btw is that even possible?? any assistance would be deeply appreciated!

anyone here? please help
How can I enable per-display scaling in kde ?

Have you tried to check “For only this specific display arrangement” as given at the bottom of the setting page?

yeah but it didn’t work out. the global scaling remained GLOBAL lol
im strugglin to set the per-display scaling…