Glitchy MIDI and audio (via USB) in Manjaro (pahvo)

Hopefully this is the correct place? I sorta figured the issues here are related tbh.

Using both a DIN input for one controller (via the AUDIO i/f unit) and USB input for the second, and randomly (but often enough to be noticeable and annoying) notes will stick, and/or not actually sound. The controllers are fine and pretty much new.

I am thinking this may be a system issue and not the DAW, in this case Reaper.

The system also randomly drops the USB connection with the audio interface (Behringer XR18). Sometimes this needs just a re-attachment of the cable, and others a reboot for it to be picked up again.

I tried booting up with the RT kernel, but that made no difference either.

Is there some way to prioritise both the MIDI and audio streams into Manjaro?

What sound system are you using pulseaudio or jack?

ALSA and Pulse

For audio production I’ve found Jack2 to be useful, I prefer the Cadence frontend to QJackCtl.

unfa has some useful videos on this topic

What is JACK Audio Connection Kit?

How do I prepare Manjaro KDE for audio production?

Thanks I’ll check them out. I have found I needed Qjackctl to get the Bluetooth MIDI working, and that’s as far as I went with it. The rest just got too confusing. What with pipewire Pulse ALSA…it’s one thing that was far easier in Windows haha. it was ASIO or nothing really…

Jack2 is one I’ve not really looked into.

Just looked at the first video - wow! a LOT of info - will need to watch this a few times I reckon. He presents it very well though!

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