Glitch Dock GNOME


My Manjaro is in 21.1.0 Gnome version.

I found out a bug in my dock, when I do a right click on a software’s logo that is pinned to my dock, everything works perfectly. Nevertheless, when I do a right click on a software’s logo that is not pinned to my dock, it shows the options on the top left of my screen, hiding my dock and I can’t click on any of the options.

The only solution to see again this part of the screen is to manually stop the application in the application itself. But then I can’t pin anything anymore to my dock.

Hello and welcome.

Mmh I just tested it myself:

I guess it’s due to some settings from your side (extensions maybe?)

Is it for any non-pinned applications or just specific ones?

And more importantly: I assumed you were using Dash to dock, but could you confirm?

I am seeing this too on a fresh install of Manjaro Gnome with the latest updates. I’m using dash to dock to put the dock on the bottom of the screen.

This may or may not be related but trying to access the settings for dash to dock has an error:

Error: GSettings key preview-size-scale not found in schema

Open terminal
sudo nautilus>enter your password
navigate to directory >> usr/share/gnome-shell/extentions/
delete folder name’s schemas
logout and login your PC, try again setting dash to dock extentions

I have the same glitch.

The workaround is hit windows key twice. I am too lazy to try what @deensokmo suggests.

Thanks, this worked for me. I can now right-click on a dash to dock icon and use the contextual links.