Glib2-Devel Dependency Problem

Why glib2-devel is not included in manjaro stable repository?


Hi @dragon1,

Seeing as it’s in both the Testing and Unstable repositories at the exact same version and build number:

I’m going with it’s still too new a package.


Also, it’s not as if the big fat label doesn’t give it away:



What is the point of not including it on stable branch ? This is core package.
Branch changing is necessary for this package?

Have you forgotten how Manjaro branches work ?

stable ← testing ← unstable ← upstream

Yes - and ?

If you cannot wait - yes.


How does a package move from testing to stable? Is it just time spent in testing without issues being raised, or is there some active promotion that has to happen? Is there a typical time frame for how long this process takes? Thx

It depends … the snap when plasma 6 was in testing stretched to ~ if I recall correctly, 12w - but usually something around 2w - yet it depends …

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a Thorough explanation, which you would’ve found had you searched:

Don’t assume that new users are able to craft the perfect query to retrieve exactly what they’re looking for. Especially in today’s world of rapidly deteriorating search engine results. Your link is appreciated, the condescending tone wasn’t.

I there was no need for even a search engine. It’s all on the wiki, which has its own search.

the issue is this error is happening in Stable Manjaro while running pamac update
Warning: cannot resolve "glib2-devel", a dependency of "indicator-sensors"

As far as I know I am on stable.
lsb_release -a

LSB Version:    n/a
Distributor ID: ManjaroLinux
Description:    Manjaro Linux
Release:        24.0.2
Codename:       Wynsdey

I will also post the output of pacman-mirrors -G that will confirm that.

Stable packages dependency on Testing/Unstable tags could be a release process issue ?

I know this isn’t a blocker and we can wait for it to become available in stable.
I am trying to understand the release process so that I can potentially contribute as well.

This is a custom script from AUR - and even though AUR is available - it is unsupported.

 $ mbn info indicator-sensors
AUR            : ------
Name           : indicator-sensors
Version        : 1.4-2
Date           : Thu 20 Jun 2024 18:36:03 
Url            :
:: Branch: unstable

 Nothing found ! indicator-sensors.* 🤥

AUR scripts - is for Arch Linux and as such expect dependencies to be Arch package level - only achieveable using Manjaro unstable branch.

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