Glib.h not found when installing manim with AUR or PIP

Whenever I try to install I get an error saying:

…/.cache/yay/python-manimpango/src/ManimPango-0.4.1/manimpango/cmanimpango.c:767:10: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory
767 | #include “glib.h”
| ^~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I get the same issue when installing with pip install manim.

Using locate I am told that glib.h exists in
further yay tells me that I hve installed glib2 and glib2-docs.

I am now wondering why gcc is unable to find glib2 when installing with either yay or pip.

There is a difference between "" and <>.

  1. "" searches the header in the current path. It is the relative path.
  2. <> searches in the standard header path and then in the current path.

So it should be:

#include <glib.h>

if glib.h is not in the source directory.

How can it be that installing from the AUR using yay works on my laptop but not on my other Maschine ? Wouldn’t both have the "glib.h’ included?