GL and vdpau don't come from the same version of Mesa?

A person suggest that my GL and vdpau don’t come from the same version of Mesa and if they don’t match, crashes can occur.
He does not use Manjaro/Arch and I do not understand these things. Can you please suggest how to safely reinstall these things please to make sure it “match”?
I am using 5.10.79-1
GPU detail: inxi -Gaz
Do you have idea on a commands to run please?

Just check the version?

pamac list --installed | grep mesa

I am back, this is what i am getting:

$ pamac list --installed | grep mesa
lib32-libva-mesa-driver              21.2.5-1                    multilib        11,2 MB
lib32-mesa                           21.2.5-1                    multilib        81,6 MB
lib32-mesa-demos                     8.4.0-2                     multilib        606,0 kB
lib32-mesa-vdpau                     21.2.5-1                    multilib        11,6 MB
libva-mesa-driver                    21.2.5-1                    extra           11,7 MB
mesa                                 21.2.5-1                    extra           110,9 MB
mesa-demos                           8.4.0-4                     extra           8,1 MB
mesa-vdpau                           21.2.5-1                    extra           12,1 MB

currently my uname = 5.15.2-2-MANJARO … x86_64 GNU/Linux

what do You think about that please? What to try?

Version matches… no issue :man_shrugging:

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@megavolt @all
can you please also comment on why following shows different versions it is confusing the mesa developer and me:

$ pamac list --installed | grep mesa

packagename 21.2.5-1

“pacman -Ss mesa|grep insta” shows the same

sudo downgrade mesa --ala-only per my understanding instead shows that I am running: 21.3.0

   110)  mesa    21.2.4  2  remote
-  111)  mesa    21.2.5  1  remote
+  112)  mesa    21.3.0  1  remote
   113)  mesa    21.3.1  1  remote

select a package by number: 112
loading packages...
warning: mesa-21.3.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling
select a package by number: 111
loading packages...
error: '/var/cache/pacman/pkg/mesa-21.2.5-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst': package missing required signature

per the downgrade man page: “+ indicates the currently installed version.”

so which one i am running / why this difference in “downgrade” output?

Do you suggest any safe command to reinstall mesa SW or not needed and mesa dev. is wrong - GL and vdpau does not come from different mesa versions.

Have you switched branches recently? Branch Compare shows:

mesa extra

Stable 21.2.5-1

Testing 21.3.1-0

Unstable 21.3.1-0.1

I do not know/how to discover it.
System update now said “Warning: mesa: local (21.3.0-1) is newer than extra (21.2.5-1)”
Then i did:
$ pamac reinstall mesa

Warning: downgrading package mesa (21.3.0-1 => 21.2.5-1)
Downgrading mesa (21.3.0-1 -> 21.2.5-1)...                                                                                                                                               
A restart is required for the changes to take effect.
Transaction successfully finished.

when i then “sudo downgrade mesa” and set 21.3.0, then vlc player crashing upon opening a file saying “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” when i repeat the downgrade command and set back 21.2.5, then VLC works. :-S