GitHub desktop hangs


I installed GITHUB desktop and having some issues
First I found that the system was not working without gnome-keyring even if I have a KDE installation

Then had to run the following command
git config --global http.sslverify false
since there is one of my repos that has self generated SSL cert

Now it is a few days that I ty to simply fetch or push some changes but the app hangs there with an "hang on"message

No log (i havent found at least) with reasonable explanation

Any idea what could I have been doing wrong ???

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If you can just don’t use github desktop…
anything else but that

What do you suggest?

I myself use just normal git cli, but I know that’s not for everyone

I do that too but would like to find some GUI that will quicken my daily stuff

List of git gui clients for linux

Also most IDE’s have git control thingy to make some simple stuff quickly

Sometimes I use GitHub - extrawurst/gitui: Blazing 💥 fast terminal-ui for git written in rust 🦀
Which is TUI application for GIT, but it’s missing some features, for example commit signing

Yes I almost tried them all that i could but except GitKraken the rest is not ok for me

Well, if this is out of option then we can try to fix the github desktop i guess,
I think best course of actions would be to try if normal git cli works as it should, if it doesn’t it should output some useful information very likely,
if it does then I won’t be able to help you very likely

Well in any case you were able to help me

The problem was in the .git/config file
For some reason GITHUB didnt add the username/password in that file
It is only using the keyring (in aworng way as far as i can see)

I will try now to remove the gnome-keyring package to test it again

Not so sure you want to actually save your password in plain text
Using SSH key for authentication would be better afaik

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Edit as root file /etc/pam.d/sddm and add bolded lines in proper places code below:


auth include system-login
auth optional
auth optional
account include system-login
password include system-login
session include system-login
session optional auto_start
session optional auto_start


Clear look code


I am using KDE wallet that supports SSH key. No need gnome-keyring

  1. Install ksshaskpass from pacman.
  2. Create the file ssh-add.desktop in the directory of KDE startup.
    nano ~/.config/autostart/ssh-add.desktop to add:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=ssh-add -q
  1. Export the environment variable GIT_ASKPASS to ksshaskpass.
    Edit the file nano ~/.zshrc (if it does not exist, then .bashrc) to add:
export GIT_ASKPASS='/usr/bin/ksshaskpass'
  1. reboot.

I like this idea
I will test it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been getting the error “user interaction failed” every time I try to log in with github(using Github Desktop)
Any fixing ideas? Thx