Git Gui for Manjaro

Hi there, I just switched to Manjaro from Ubuntu. And I am very happy about that change.

But I am having trouble with finding a decent GUI for Git operations.

The snapcraft snap is outdated (from 2018), and I can’t login to GitHub with it because git password auth is now shutdown.

I would like to install it (git cola) because it’s amazing, but I don’t know how to do that. I downloaded the .tar.gz from the official repo, but I really don’t know what to do with it.

Could you please help me with getting that installed or recommend an alternative that isn’t premium or freemium (like GitKraken)?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Git Cola is in the AUR.

pamac build git-cola should do it.


SmartGit by syntevo… is also in AUR but i have installed directly from the package provided by syntevo since autoupdate is eneble…


ILooks promising, thank you. But I will stick to git cola because I am used to it.

I actually didn’t even know what the AUR is. Fantastic concept! Thanks for your help.

Quite like git cracken myself, it’s in the aur

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github-desktop-bin is in the AUR.

pamac install github-desktop-bin

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GitKraken is free as long as you’re not using it for commercial purposes; you effectively only pay to access integrations with platforms like Azure DevOps.

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I tried it but it doesn’t work. I have to say that it works with pamac build github-desktop-bin. Don’t really know why, probably it’s related with being and AUR package.

Btw, I know this is out of topic for this thread but, if anyone can provide a useful link with info about how to update packages that are installed from the AUR, I would really appreciate that. What I found confuses me, I’m still too ignorant for this.

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