GIMP not detecting plugins

I tried to install GimpMl plugin to gimp. It works well in ubuntu but for some reason it fails to detect the plugin even after setting the directory in preferences. I made it executable so that’s not the problem. Please help.
This one: GitHub - kritiksoman/GIMP-ML: AI for GNU Image Manipulation Program

I’m not familiar with this gimp plugin. I use the package gmic which is in the Official Repositories.

I glanced at the install online. My suggestions are:

  • start gimp from the command line and see what messages are written to the console
  • walk through the install steps to make sure all the pieces are there, including dependencies
  • review the github issues for this plugin to see if anyone has reported a problem.
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Turns out python2-gimp is required. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a heads up, python 2 was EOL at the beginning of this year.

I don’t know how Manjaro will handle python 2. Could be around for a long time or not :question: :slight_smile:

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