GIMP editing tools locked and unable to use:(

Some of the features of gimp is locked and I couldn’t use them. The tools which can be used is highlighted and those I can’t use is faded.

This Gimp is installed from Package Manager. It would be really helpful if Gimp could be used with full potential in some simple way without using a lot of complex terminal commands.
Please help with your valuable knowledge.

What terminal commands are you talking about to use GIMP? If you refer to script Console that is something else.

Please be specific what features …

All the default Tools are selectable and accesible from the start, but are usable when there is a file/layer to modify.

The Colors and Filters will only be accesible when there is a file/layer to modify. Same with Image tasks and Layer manipulation from menu …

The features which was said “couldn’t” be used was the feather, sharpen and border tool. It was then figured that I didn’t use the selection tool for it to be used. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Should have looked into gimp more either way it’s a relief to know.(by the way new user here)
Thanks for the reply in the forum.

Welcome to the forum! !'m 100% recommending to see GIMP - Tutorials

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