GIMP and Krita massively increase image size on open

I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this question, haven’t had much luck finding other examples. I’ve been using the stable Manjaro (Gnome) branch for the last year or so and I think it’s mostly worked well but in the last few months (at least) whenever I merely open an imagine in GIMP or Krita, it’s suddenly HUGE. For example, a 2.5 MB .png file shows up as 186 MB in GIMP and 77 MB in Krita.

I thought maybe I configured some setting in a strange way, so deleted all settings and restarted the application(s) with their defaults but that made no difference. On another computer using Ubuntu, I do not have this problem

If I use something like gThumb to open or make basic edits on the same image, it does not make it huge.

Any ideas what I can do to stop images from ballooning in size like that when they’re opened?

Thank you.


Both Gimp and Krita store in their own way the Image Color Space and Depth, but that is the size in memory, not of the file itself, is a prediction/estimate. In Krita if you go to Image > Properties and Image Color Space and change the depth to 32bits for example, you will see an even larger memory size used/reported …
This is all normal AFAIK.

Thanks for your point–I see what you mean.

GIMP had been working slowly and I saw that number, which led me to assume that something was odd with the memory being used for such a small image. But I see that I was mistaken about my other (Ubuntu) computer, which shows the same upon re-checking. Must be losing my mind.