Gif recording - Spectacle can't find OBS Studio

Spectacle (a screenshotting tool) came installed with Manjaro. OBS Studio did not, but I installed it myself – I believe I installed it through the “Add/Remove Software” GUI.

When I open the Spectacle program, I see under Tools > Record Screen that it seems to support using OBS Studio to record gifs of my screen, which I’d like to do. But, it says that OBS is not installed. When I click the install button, it just takes me back to the “Add/Remove Software” GUI, which shows that OBS is installed.

Running obs --version in the commandline works, so obs is on my PATH. I’m not sure what to try next.

How can I get Spectacle to work with OBS studio?

version numbers:

$ pacman -Qs obs-studio
local/obs-studio 27.2.3-1
    Free, open source software for live streaming and recording

$ pacman -Qs spectacle
local/spectacle 21.12.3-1 (kde-applications kde-graphics)
    KDE screenshot capture utility

$ obs --version
OBS Studio - 27.2.3-1 (linux)

That’s a bug in KNewStuff


You can use peek instead …

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