Ghost mouse movement

Recently my wireless bluetooth mouse is starting to move by itself like this:

As in the video, sudo cat /dev/input/mice | hexdump -C confirms the suspicion. What I have no idea about is how to even analyze how this could happen, let alone how to fix it. If anyone has experience, please advice. Thank you.

EDIT: it even “works” with the mouse disconnected!

Not having a wireless mouse, the few ideas that come to mind:

  • dust
  • micro-vibrations
  • “rogue” wireless capture (your receptor captures another wireless signal at a near-same frequency)
  • wireless noise (another wireless signal at a near-same frequency corrupts the one from your mouse)
  • malformed signal due to low battery
  • natural instinct :cheese:

Cosidering it’'s GHOST movement, as you said, I’d recommend calling the Ghost busters.

How about when the system’s Bluetooth is disconnected?

I could try that, but…

it seems to be kernel related. I switched to 5.13 last night and until now the problem doesn’t appear anymore. Sadly, the latest 5.13 doesn’t contain the patch that fixes a btrfs issue causing 100% single core CPU usage. Oh well, I think I’ll have to live with my laptop’s fan noise for a couple of days. It’s better than a mouse that moves without me wanting it to.