GFT/CVT settings from AMD drivers on windows

Hello guys, I need to know if its possible to convert/copy custom resolution settings from the AMD drivers available on windows to manjaro.

I’m aware that i can just use CVT/GFT to create a custom resolution but i need one that works exactly like it does on windows, i’m using an old monitor with a VGA to DVI adapter, which messes it up edid which makes custom resolution distorted, and have a mismatch every time go and come from windows to linux…

any help will be appreciated :smiley:

from the monitor manual

have you checked


yeah, the entire point was to use xrandr, my question was about on how to actually use the same settings found on windows, which is neither CVT or GFT but DMT.

i’ve managed to solve this issue by using a video timing calculator online and using the DMT output and fed xrandr with it.

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