Getting repeat updates for Flatpaks

I’ve noticed this repeatedly for various flatpak apps and it’s rather annoying.

I keep on getting update notifications for various flatpak apps, even though they’re up to date. For example, I received an update for Brave 1.50.119. But I was already on that version.

I waited all day but the notification didn’t go away, until I finally decided to update it.

Today, it happened again! I have the same notification for the same version, 1.50.119.

Why is this happening? How can I stop getting repeat notifications when I’m already up to date?

Maybe you can fill in the picture a bit more for us …

Do you mean you are having erroneous nudges to update from pamac? Or possibly pamac-tray-icon?

Sorry to be more accurate, you are correct.

I get notifications that there is an update in the pamac-tray-icon

When I go to Pamac, it says that there is a flatpak update waiting for me.

After updating the tray-icon only goes away after a few hours, not immediately (whereas for community repo updates, it goes away immediately).

Pamac has it’s know issues. it’ll tell you there are updates even when you’ve Already done them (your case), it won’t pick / list up all updates, for those that attempt to use Pamac for actually updating it can error out from time to time but doing those same updates via terminal they install just fine, after adding custom repos and choosing to refresh repos in Pamac it it can tell you database error when there actually is no error. I stick to the terminal for updating. So I can update everything all at once I install topgrade. For looking for individual packages I install Pacseek which can be run from the terminal.

But this issue is one I’ve only noticed with flatpaks.

But you should only update once a day at max so easy to ignore the erroneous information given by Pamac or it’s tray icon.