Getting psd Thumbnails in Thunar?

Hey there,
i try to find any informations to get psd thumbnails in thunar. I still have a lot of psd-files from photoshop and if i try to find something i have to use my windows pc where creative cloud is installed. That unconfortable ;D
I found a thunar-thumnailer but it looks like its an old project and i cant get the code to build and test it…
Is there any way to get that? Thanks for your help!

I don’t see any xfce thumbnail (tumbler) plugin for.psd files. I am able to view in xnViewMP, built in browser .psd files as thumbnails. Have a look here:

I do not have such files (because I do not have or use Photoshop)
but when I looked I found a discussion on implementing it in ffmpeg
(and if it is implemented by now, the functionality is probably available when you use the ffmpeg-thumbnailer)

But that discussion also mentioned the .psd format being a very complex one
and that (at least at the beginning) the decoder would only be able to support a (possibly small) subset of .psd files

here is that discussion from 6 years ago:

[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec : add psd image file decoder

I don’t know more about it.