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I’ve recently submitted a page to the Manjaro Wiki, but as of now the page is still not reviewed. Does anyone know who is in charge of the wiki, as I’m interested in writing some new pages and translating existing content to German? I’d love to take on a auto-patrol role in the wiki or even review pages myself, so the wiki can get a bit more lively.

The page I created is about systemd-boot, as there is next to no documentation on how to customize the automatic boot-entries on the internet, as this is specific to Manjaro, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching where the entries come from. This is why I think the page would be good to have in Manjaro Wiki.

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moderators list

page added thanks
ps: in “see also”, we have “also” man :

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I’ll add the man page right away. Is there any process to get the auto-patrol role or something like that, as I don’t want to clog up the review queue? (I also want to add a few more pages, like category-pages, translations etc.)