Getting "Missing Partition Table" Error while trying to create bootable USB from Manjaro

I’m trying to create a bootable SD card for my Raspberry Pi. I tried using Balena Etcher to flash the ISO, but got the error “Missing Partition Table” when trying to create the media. At first I wondered if this was only an issue with the obscure ISO I had downloaded, so I didn’t do much to fix it. Then I needed to create a USB for Windows 10 to repair someone else’s computer and had the same issue. I don’t think it is an issue with the USB drive or SD card because it will give the error before I choose the drive to write to.

I am very willing to use a different program if Balena Etcher is the issue. I’m fairly new to Linux and don’t know what is available yet.

The file you downloaded should be a .img.xz file, a compressed disk image, not an ISO. You should use the manjaro-arm-flasher, I believe it is in the x86_64 repo.

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I have used rpi-imager and mintstick-git without issue. Didn’t know manjaro had one too as has been mentioned…

Do you know about the manjaro-arm-installer?

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This needs to be explained as it does not make much sense. What exactly are you trying to burn and where did you get it.

That’s part of the tools for building the image?

I wish the architect installer could be adapted for arm so we could customize partitions… But I guess that’s off topic, sorry.

The installer is a bash script, you can modify it to customize the partitions.

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