Getting information about latest kernels status

In memory of this thread I wrote this Perl script to scrape the status from the last few kernels from


use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::Simple;

my $kernels_xml = get('') or die 'Unable to get page';

# Version:</th><td><strong>6.8.7</strong> (stable)
my $rx = qr/Version: .*? strong> ([^&]+) .*? \(([^)]+)\) /x;

while ($kernels_xml =~ /$rx/g) {
  print "$1 ($2)\n";

Does these not give more relevant information for Manjaro?

  • sudo mhwd-kernel -l, --list
  • sudo mhwd-kernel -li, --listinstalled

No, the crucial informations for me are (stable), (longterm), etc. and those are missing from the mhwd-kernel command.

I see. There’s always the Manjaro Settings Manager (GUI) but I suppose it’s nice to have a script for the job. Cheers.

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A bit more simple:

curl -s | xmllint --xpath '//rss/channel/item/title/text()' - 

No regex needed here…


Works like a charm, thanks.