Getting GCC 10.2 in mirrors?

Manjaro 20, Microsoft Surface Book 2, Linux-Surface kernel based off of Linux 5.8.1

I notice that in the Manjaro mirrors that we are still using GCC 10.1. I’m having a bit of trouble with compiling kernel DKMS modules, such as NVIDIA, Linux-Surface-DGPU, Vagrant, and Virtualbox. This appears to be due to the fact that my linux-surface kernel uses some gcc plugins that are referencing 10.2, the current arch core/gcc package. I also notice that GCC 10.2 was released on July 23. Is there a timeframe to getting GCC 10.2 into the mirrors?

My backup plan is to use gcc-git package. The drawback of this is that compile time is a nightmare and there have been some little compile bugs so far that have caused the yay tool to error out on installation.

GCC 10.2 is in testing branch right now I think.