Getting error on startup with kcm_kwinscreenedges

Good morning,

On startup intermittently I get the following error.

Title bar says: applications:kcm_kwinscreenedges

dialogue box says: The file or folder cm_kwinscreenedges/ does not exist.

I posted a photo. It is self explanatory but I do not know how to proceed and since this seems to be part of KDE I am hesitant to so so. It is a very minor inconvenience because the desktop is still usable.

Thank you all in advance.

An error like that is usually the result of an incompatible (or recently no longer compatible) theme component or desktop effect. Considering that it’s referring to the screen edges, it is most likely one of the desktop effects.

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How about considering that it has a spelling error too.

I doubt if there should be a ‘file or folder’ called cm_kwinscreenedges/ - surely there’s a missing ‘k’ there.

Try launching kcmshell5 kcm_kwinscreenedges in terminal.

  • Try renaming mv .config .configTEST then log out and in again to see if the same error comes up.

Merry Christmas!
I just did this and it did work, albeit reset everything else. I will compare the two files and see if I can find the culprit. Thank you for the help!

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