Getting Deb packages from repo (Plastic SCM on arch)

First post, please forgive it this was answered in some other way. I was unable to find what (I think) I need to do.
What I want to do:
Use Plastic SCM without moving to another linux distribution. I use this with Unity.
(I really like arch manjaro and pacman has been very kind to me especially for Nvidia drivers and cuda support as well as toolchains for cross-compilation and i3)

What is the problem:
Plastic SCM is closed-source. There are no AUR/Snap packages on arch.You can install it on ubuntu and debian by adding the repo manually.
plasticscm → plastic-for-linux is the support page (cannot seem to include links?)

I have installed .deb packages before without issue on arch but I do not have a .deb package for Plastic, just the repo site. I tried to wget from plasticrepo/stable/debian/ but I do not get anything (XML reply that key is not valid).
Any idea how I can get the .deb from the repo? If this is not the solution for my issue, any idea how I could get Plastic to run in manjaro?
(I could try a virtual machine with Windows just for Plastic but that seems overkill??)

Big thank you,

Plastic SCM is proprietary software. You’ll need to contact them for support.

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Apparently it’s by design:


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Thank you very much for the replies!
I contacted support but they have not been very ‘supportive’ and just recommended I use it on an Ubuntu distribution. So I did. For the benefit of whoever might bump into this forum post:

While repo syncs the install fails on dependencies of:

Plastic-client-gtk which upon further investigation needs
gnome-sharp-mono4 which upon further dig needs
libbonobo2, libgnomevfs and a few others. These have been deprecated in linux.
Pretty disappointed I stopped here because I see no point in going this route only to encounter even more possible issues.

I will use a VM with Windows running Plastic with the repo as a shared folder.

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