Getting colors to show in Konsole (ls output)

Hi all-

Getting my Manjaro ‘tweaks’ done to perfect my setup.

One of the outstanding items is getting ‘ls’ or ‘ls -alF’ output in Konsole to show colors.

I have created a .dircolors file in my $HOME directory and sourced it in my .zshrc file using:

test -r $d && eval "$(dircolors $d)"

Default display is still everything being green (or I assume ‘no color’)

All help apprecieated!

Have you checked the color schemes in Konsole itself? For the best results, select “Linux console”, and then you can also make the terminal translucent ─ best used in combination with the blur effect, of course.

Thank you.

It appears if I use:
alias ls='ls --color=auto'
in my .zshrc file, I get the desired change.
Editing a ~/.dircolors file the refine the colors then gives me what I’m looking for.

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