Get source code for package: asp not found

I’m trying to get the source code for a package. I see that I’m to use

 sudo pacman -S asp

However –

error: target not found: asp

asp is not in the Manjaro repositories.

How do we get the source code?

Source code of what? The source of asp is available on Github[1]. The PKGBUILD files for Manjaro packages are available on their Gitlab[2]. And if you cannot find a package there, then it probably comes directly from the Arch repositories, so its PKGBUILD may be found on their Github[3].

[1]: https:// github. com/archlinux/asp
[2]: https:// gitlab. manjaro. org/packages
[3]: https:// github. com/archlinux/svntogit-packages

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By going to wherever the developer hosts the source code?

asp is only available in AUR, it’s not in Manjaro repo

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