Get an AUR package to just use the manually installed java as dependency

I have Oracle’s java installed and when I try to install minecraft-launcher from the AUR it asks me to choose a java version to download. I like to use the official Oracle java 1.8 and currently the AUR version is flagged out of date so I just went ahead and manually installed it. I extracted the package to /usr/lib/jvm and then ran archlinux-java to select it as default
Here is the output of java -version: java version "1.8.0_271" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_271-b09) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.271-b09, mixed mode)
BTW, I’m using yay to install minecraft-launcher. It just doesn’t seem to recognize my java installation.
I bet this is like a REALLY noob question and there’s probably simple command to avoid installing the dependency lol

By doing that, yay (and by extension makepkg/pacman) has no clue as to what java version you have installed, regardless of the output of java-version.

ETA: You’ve probably also self-inflicted the dreaded conflicting files error if you try to install java the regular (accepted) way.

Okay so I should probably remove those files and just install openjdk until they update the AUR package I want?

Ok, I’m not a gamer, and I abhor Oracle, but this is what I would do (I use Arch, so I don’t know if what I recommend is in Manjaro repos or not (YMMV)):

  1. Remove your manually installed java.
  2. Install jre8-openjdk…sudo pacman -Syu jre8-openjdk
  3. I don’t use AUR ‘helpers’, so install minecraft however your helper does it.

Just because a pkg is flagged out of date doesn’t mean it’s unusable.

Thanks, and yeah, for the AUR package jdk8, it just helps to install it. It does not supply the actual package anymore because Oracle requires you to have an account and stuff. Since that version is newer than the version in the AUR, I have to wait to for them to update it to match the two versions. They’ll probably update it today or tomorrow. Basically I have version 8u271 but the AUR package is for 8u261 lol. So, it won’t let me install it. Its kinda dumb, but I have a few programs that won’t work without Oracle’s java which is pretty lame. Minecraft will work fine with openjdk which is probably what I’ll use until they update the thingy. I just don’t like having multiple versions of java. I am a minimalist and kinda like to keep things as clean as possible. Lately I’ve been debating on just installing Arch simply because if that.

I was just hoping that maybe I could get away with manually installing it instead of waiting, but now I see the AUR helpers probably wouldn’t know its there. And I’m thankful that you pointed out the problems I could face by doing that. I’ll mark your first post as a solution.

I’m not sure arch will simplify things like that…

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I mean by having less packages because I’m a minimalist. I’ve never been good at explaining things xD

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