German unstable Mirrors offline?

Since 2-3 days German Unstable Mirrors seem to be offline…? Problems?

Which ones do you mean? has a package from Sep 19th, so it’s not outdated.

If you look at, you can see that as of 2023-09-20T11:49:00Z, the German mirrors synced over 15 minutes ago, while some US-based mirrors 13 minutes ago and have the packages.

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There are no unstable mirrors. The same mirrors hold all three branches.


Refresh your mirror list and/or pool - a custom mirror pool is newer changed - so you will, from time to time, need to do a re-run

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent
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Ok, thanks.

Seems to me there is actually some problem, because GLOBAL itself is only partially synced, which results in probably 50 other mirrors that pull from there to be exactly as partially synced and probably only about 20 fully synced.

OK, i counted, from the 133 mirrors, 18 are out of date, 95 are partially synced (unstable is not synced) and only 20 are fully synced. So it is safe to say that there is a problem with syncing the unstable branch.

Mirrors sync on a timer set by the mirror owner—some sync much more frequently than others. The unstable branch was recently updated. Most of them just haven’t synced since the unstable branch was updated.

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