Gephi not appearing in application menu


Manjaro KDE


It’s an official package for manjaro.

gephi.desktop as below

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform
Comment=An interactive graph visualization and exploration platform


  • Wrong version
  • Blank icon on desktop
  • Invalid category: Application

Some fixes:


How to solve the problem about the icon ?

Packaged by Arch Linux - gephi 0.10.1-1 (x86_64) and inherited by Manjaro.

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This is would be wrong. The version specifies the desktop-entry-spec form There is no 0.10 version, there is however a Version 1.0. This version has nothing to do with the version of the application this starter starts.

Use a Theme with an application icon matching the name gephi or add this icon to your Theme.

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The icon could be assign seperately as in the screenshot below, i.e. independent of the theme.

It generates:




BTW, .desktop files in the repo

And there are also several gephi.png files in the repo.
I think it’s just not well packaged.

There’s nothing wrong with the desktop file, just a couple harmless warnings:

❯ desktop-file-validate gephi.desktop
gephi.desktop: warning: value "Application" for key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" contains a deprecated value "Application"
gephi.desktop: hint: value "Application" for key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" does not contain a registered main category; application might only show up in a "catch-all" section of the application menu

The icon doesn’t show by default on KDE Plasma.

Try symlinking the icon to a proper location:

sudo ln -sv /usr/share/java/gephi/flathub/gephi.png /usr/share/pixmaps/

In PKGBUILD, it calls gendesk, which has not been installed.
Maybe the package should depend on gendesk.

It does


But gephi has been installed while gendesk has not been installed.

Of course. gendesk is not required to use gephi . A normal user doesn’t need this package. Therefore it is not a dependency.

gendesk is only required if you want to use the PKGBUILD file to build your own package of gephi. If you use makepkg with this PKGBUILD for gephi, the make dependencies will be installed.

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The bug report is closed:

Had you reported what the issue actually was instead of your imagined solution, they would have looked into it. I’ve edited your topic title to be clear about what it is.

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I think it’s clear enough.
I’d rather do a pull request.


This is an Arch packaging issue, not an upstream issue.

Yes, maybe do it there.