Genymotion fail to run - virtualbox 7

Ok, ive done the reboot. This is where we are:

pacman -Qs virtualbox
local/linux515 5.15.76-1
    The Linux515 kernel and modules
local/linux515-virtualbox-host-modules 6.1.38-2 (linux515-extramodules)
    Virtualbox host kernel modules for Manjaro Kernel
local/virtualbox 6.1.38-1
    Powerful x86 virtualization for enterprise as well as home use
sudo vboxreload
[sudo] password for bul: 
Unloading modules: 
Loading modules: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxnetadp': Exec format error
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxnetflt': Exec format error
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Exec format error


Im back to my initial question:

How does one successfully downgrade virtualbox without getting the Kernel Driver Not Installed (rc=-1908) error from virtualbox itself (if you try to run a VM from within Virtualbox only)

Is a successful virtualbox downgrade in Manjaro possible?

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virtualbox version 6.1.38-1
kernel modules version 6.1.38-2

no match

What can i do, its the closest downgrade is offering?

I can’t help you.

dkms should be the way to go

rather than the precompiled modules

but Manjaro stable is a different thing than Arch - I think I saw someone mentioning in this thread here that the testing or unstable branch of Manjaro would be more suitable for this kind of thing - it’s closer to Arch

While you may be able to downgrade a package the result is unpredictable and unsupported.

In fact it creates more problems than it solves and both the downgrade process and the resulting system is unsupported.

Ok thank you guys,

If i remove linux515-virtualbox-host-modules 6.1.38-2 (linux515-extramodules) and virtualbox 6.1.38-1, how can i install the previous (non v7) versions without going the downgrade route? What is the correct way to do it?

Ok, can you tell me how does virtualbox-host-modules and dkms differ?

the dkms is built against your actual installed kernel version and whatever virtualbox version you have
the precompiled version requires that kernel version and kernel module version and virtualbox version match

dkms will always match because it’s built against the installed versions of the two

@linux-aarhus has shown it running

If i have a closer look at your provided screenshot, the Genymotion icon seems like the one from a previous version (3.2.x).

If i would like to try to install a previous version of genymotion, how would i go about that (as i think the virtualbox v7 error was introduced in the 3.3.x versions)

… just trying to cover all the possibilities

it is v3.3.1-1 - just like yours



Thank you, did you change your hypervisor by any chance to qemu or is yours still on virtualbox?

gmtool config --hypervisor qemu|virtualbox

No qemu - VirtualBox 7

I think I made that very clear earlier in the thread.

Also unstable branch - which is the closest you get to Arch - and as such the recommended approach for using AUR with minimal impact.

sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable && sudo pacman -Syyu
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Thank you, i give the unstable branch a go. Thank you so much for your help so far. I really appreciate it

Just another question, i managed to get hold of genymotion-3.2.0-linux_x64.bin. How would i go about installing a bin file?

You should not.


Ive moved over to the unstable branch and updated the kernel to 6.1 as well.

Virtualbox is running fine, but im still getting the Virtualbox v7 error from Genymotion

pacman -Qs virtualbox
local/linux515 5.15.78-1
The Linux515 kernel and modules
local/linux61 6.1.0rc4-1
The Linux61 kernel and modules
local/linux61-virtualbox-host-modules 7.0.2-0.5 (linux61-extramodules)
Virtualbox host kernel modules for Manjaro Kernel
local/virtualbox 7.0.2-2
Powerful x86 virtualization for enterprise as well as home use
local/virtualbox-guest-iso 7.0.2-1
The official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO image

What is the proper way to to go back to a previous version of genymotion/AUR package?

Where can i find the genymotion 3.2.1 pkg.tar.xz package?

Managed to downgrade to Genymotion 3.2.1. Starting up now on Virtualbox v7, but hanging at boot

There is none.

You cannot - it is a custom script from AUR and the package is built on request and removed after install.

In any case - I will repeat - your system configuration is unsupported.