Genymotion: Error while creating VirtualBox host-only interface

I just installed Genymotion from AUR. After installing, this error occurred:

An error has occurred while trying to create a virtualbox host-only network interface

I followed this from Genymotion support, but problem not solved…

Is a commercial software, please contact their technical support.
Thank you!

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Did you read the comments on the AUR page? Someone asks the same question as you and the answer is to install “install virtualbox host modules for your specific kernel as outlined here”.

So you must install linux512-virtualbox-host-modules package (or the one that matches your kernel)

I did install the linux510-virtualbox-host-modules as I’m using Kernel 5.10…

Problem solved by restarting the device. Manjaro work just perfectly with the default AUR installation. Even it doesn’t need to install virtualbox-host-dkms as Debian or fedora based distros needs.
I might have missed the Restart Required dialog, or It hadn’t been showed up at all.

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