Generic PS3 controllers turn off too soon after not receiving input, genuine ones need to be turned off explicitly

I have two Shanwan generic PS3 controllers. I got them both to connect via bluetooth. The problem is that they will turn off in under 2 minutes without receiving input. My genuine PS3 controllers actually have the opposite problem: they don’t turn off unless I hold down the PS button for 10 seconds.

Does anyone know of a way to set the time for these controllers to turn off? I would like it to be 10 minutes.

Edit: This is actually a software issue, as its software that determines when the controllers turn off. For example, if you plug a PS3 controller into a PS3, it will turn off after 10 minutes of not being used. This means that the PS3 is communicating with the controller when to turn off.

While this may not be a Manjaro-specific issue, it is an issue with software that Manjaro is distributed with. Even pointing me in the right direction to which package(s) could be the culprit would be more productive than giving the wrong advice to contact the manufacturers.

I did not mark this post as solved, and I think the moderator overstepped his bounds by doing so. He unfortunately doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about and just wanted to use his mod powers. This is a bad look and leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I am much less interested in engaging with the community if mods are allowed to behave like this.

That is a feature of the controllers themselves. Contact their respective hardware vendors on how to accomplish this.

Which unfortunately makes this not a Manjaro issue but a hardware issue, which is off-topic here.